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About us

We are your partner for challenging projects.

We develop and install complete solutions covering automation technology, IT and robotics for use in a wide range of industrial sectors.

We have extensive experience within the fields of conveying technology, assembly and production lines, machine automation and IT systems for supporting production (SCADA, MES, ERP).

Thanks to our highly qualified project engineers, programmers and implementation specialists we are able to meet even the most challenging of requirements.

We think it is very important to establish a close and enduring working relationship with our customers. Once we have thoroughly analysed your needs, we will develop the solution that is best for you from a technical perspective and in terms of cost efficiency.

At your request, we are happy to assume the role of a general contractor by coordinating all the subelements of your project. This gives you peace of mind, as you can rest assured that the envisaged budget and schedule will be adhered to.

Our engineers have built up their experience by working on projects across the globe at companies such as VW, Audi, GM and Opel. We have been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and are constantly working to improve our already excellent standard of quality.

Ms Marina Vandeberg
Genaral Director
T: +7 4842 549851
M: +7 910 6000 545

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